Watercolor Snapshots



That second a child put the block on the top of the tower and his smile lights up the room.

I strive to make casual portraits that capture that genuine joyful moment in time.


Portrait Example


The pause that happens when a couple is taking a selfie because they are blissfully on vacation in a magical place.

These customized paintings are created in watercolor on an Aquabord surface that is varnished, giving the finished project a luminous quality. The media also gives an artist the flexibility to make changes to the work until the client is satisfied. The colors are rich and the brushstrokes are energized to match the sunny faces that are depicted.

Watercolor snapshots are smaller gifts for special occasions.

A small piece of art that can make a BIG impact on your bookcase or wall. Sizes begin at 8 x 10.

1 Person

8 x 10 – $ 350
11 x 14 – $ 425
12 x 16 – $ 500

2 People

8 x 10 – $ 425
11 x 14 – $ 550
12 x 16 – $ 900

Dancer Portrait

Other sizes – please email for a quote.

Working from life can be scheduled at an hourly rate plus transportation for an additional fee.

Watercolor on Aquabord surface,
varnished and unframed.
Additional charges for shipping or framing

Cello Portrait
Babes in Toyland
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