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Lee Bauman - Artist, Illustrator, Educator

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April 10 – May 16, 2024

Music of Our Life

Celebrating Themes of Music & Nature

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Explore the works of Lee Bauman on display at the Roti Roti Art Gallery in beautiful Buchanan, Michigan.

Over the past 15 years, she has created unique works that explore music and nature.

Roti Roti Art Center
117 West Front St.
Buchanan, MI 49107

Dew Drops on a Rose

I’m inspired by the tiniest detail

As I take a walk in the woods, I begin to explore like a child. “Oh look” at that shadow of a wildflower, a broken feather in the wind or the twinkling motion of sunlit ripples in a creek. Remember that each detail has their own extraordinary story. It’s the unpredictability of nature that drives my imagination and fuels my artistic sparkle.

Lee With Cello

I create colorful, emotionally charged artwork
for people to hang, gift or wear.

I love to collect ideas and would enjoy conversing about the types of paintings you would like to see me create. As you look over my website, you’ll see a variety of media from watercolor to graphic art to fashion.  Much of my new work is based upon my personal memorable experiences. Do you have vacations, parties, or special moments that you would enjoy seeing in a painting?

What I do

My Creative Palette



Mostly I paint. I enjoy mixing colors, playing with the contrasts, and making precise yet carefree design.

Did you know that there’s a spot where colors meet, and your never sure just how they’re going to get along with each other? A dark blue can butt equally against a glowing yellow and the viewer’s eye will see a yellow that pops to the surface while the blue gets mixed into the background somewhere behind the brighter area. Watercolor, acrylic or mixed media, I love them all!



Established as a graphic artist in a corporate setting, I’ve created the digital and printed art for promotional products, advertising specialties and business gifts that were ordered by companies across the globe.

I maintain those digitizing skills today. I create logos and book covers. In 2020 I illustrated a colorful children’s book. Most recently, I worked with a publisher to make black and white chapter art for a poetry book. It’s a fun journey to bring an author’s words to life.

The Waves


I have always taught art on evenings or weekends somewhere. I teach to expand my community of creative friends. Plus, I love to encourage makers to follow their artistic dreams.

Like much of our world we have turned to Zoom for our meeting space. I’ve been teaching online about once a month, and I hope to expand those opportunities for 2022.

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