In the process of creating a new painting, I often stop working to walk across the room from the piece to get a new perspective of how it looks. This is a typical artistic method that I find essential in painting a successful piece. For the past few months, I took a step away from my business to analyze the direction that I want to take my work. After much contemplation, I decided that I want to continue to create more projects that connect with others in a special way.

In doing this, I realized that my online presence did not reflect the Symphony of Color series or the Watercolor Snapshots commissions properly. I decided that rather than presenting a website that simply displays art with traditional art information, it could be upgraded to reflect an ideal art gallery. Now, is a place that you can enter any time of day to enjoy the artwork, learn more about my artistic methods and see the schedule where I am exhibiting or teaching. I have included more information about each painting including prices. It is a place where you may purchase an original painting that can be shipped anywhere. You may even commission a piece or shop on the website.

Enjoy my virtual gallery:  Symphony of Color browse around, come back often and let me know what you think. I welcome your comments and suggestions about my new direction.




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