Learn About Lee

Through her art.

As you view my online gallery, you will recognize a body of work with a commonality of style but a range of subjects from still life to landscape to portraiture.

As you enlarge the work to view each piece more closely, my most recent work has untamed brush strokes, extra sketching on top and mixed media details that may seem independent of the overall story of the piece.

Some art has delicate layers of colors. While other works have ticket stubs, doodles, stenciling and patterned papers, that may play with your mind and make you wonder how it’s all related.

Please enjoy reviewing 4 series of work which are ongoing:

  • Music-themed images that honor my love of orchestral music
  • Nature themes are vivid in paintings of florals, trees and waterscapes
  • Mixed media art honors vacation travel and special moments with family and friends

My Process

My process for assembling the art is twofold; I work on an overall distinctive composition to tell a story or record a moment, while I’m randomly inserting personal tidbits, colors, printed papers, or fine line sketching. I feel that I’ve developed a way to work instinctively because I choose whatever technique or item speaks to me at that moment. Perhaps it’s the lack of pre-planning that allows me to incorporate more personal feelings. This method of creating allows me to physically impart my soul into the work.

Lee Bauman - Artist, Illustrator, Educator
Lee at Arboretum

It’s Up to You

Now it’s up to you, the viewer. Translate the painting’s intentions with your own personal experiences. Don’t impart any of my possible ideas into your critique. Use the fuel from your personal life experiences, cherished memories, or gut feelings to gain a fresh perspective of these works of art.

Take your time and see beyond the surface of the work. Asking yourself, “What comes to mind that you didn’t expect to see in this online gallery?” I believe art should always bring to life the human experiences that we all share no matter how different our backgrounds or lives may be.



Saturday Afternoon in Living Room

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