Music of Our Life

Roti Roti Art Center Exhibit 2024

Roti Roti Invite

This Art Show is dedicated to Harold and Emily Curie, who showed me how to create & use my imagination.

April 10 – May 19, 2024

Music of Our Life

Celebrating Themes of Music & Nature

Lee Bauman

“Music of Our Life”

My life has been full of music and art experiences.
My husband is a musician.
I love going to concerts to feel the music almost as much as I love to paint.

In the studio music influences my art in these ways:

The lights from the stage are echoed in my art with curves and circles.
The many sounds of instruments are celebrated with mixtures of colors.

With many semi-transparent layers of images and words I can:

Express a Fleeting Moment
Celebrate a Sunset
Save a Memory
Glorify a Celebration

This is the core of how I express myself.

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Auburn Tractor Banner Video

Learn how I created one of my most treasured works, originally created for the Auburn Banner Project in 2021. This painting “lived” with my Dad during his last years as a remembrance of life on the farm and the enduring love of grandchildren. I layered this work with life experiences. Come and explore the painting in person and feel the emotion, love and history of this timeless treasure.

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