Go Jo!

The Story of Jonah
A Book for Children
Written by Ginny Harville Baker
Illustrated by Lee Bauman


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Go with Jo on this lyrical journey through the well-known and beloved story of Jonah, a big fish, a special message for God's people, and God's desire for even us to be God's messengers. Specifically written to help young readers engage with the story of Jonah, Go Jo! will also touch people of all ages with God's message of love and kindness.

The Author’s inspiration:

Some words from the author on what inspired her to write Go Jo!

"I was a part time household manager for a family with three children and in addition to managing food, dishes and laundry, my main responsibility was for the three children when they weren't in school. A few times a month that included the bedtime routine which always included reading books. As I read through several Dr. Suess books one evening, I was reminded of how well children remember things that rhyme. As a freelance Christian educator, it occurred to me that children might remember Bible stories well if they were told in rhyme. Thus came the inspiration and the story of Jonah was the story God gave me first."


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