Marjorie’s Cello

Cello with Bright Colors
24 X 48


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This is a luscious, thickly applied impasto painting of a very special cello of a friend, whose name is Marjorie. She is a retired musician with whom, I had the pleasure of seeing in many performances at the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra.

I worked there for many years, first as an Operations and Personnel Manager and later as the Executive Director. It was my pleasure to work in an administrative capacity and sometimes as an artistic consultation or designer. The reward for what seemed like endless hours of paperwork and fund raising was the concert experiences. I enjoyed the work of classically trained musicians, such as Marjorie create concert experiences. They would work eagerly to learn new pieces of a huge variety through the years. There were lovely classical concertos, music with modern twists that included wild rock guitarist, a bag pipe chorus, a jazz soloist or a children’s chorus.

While her actual Cello has classical lines and a lovely wooden finish. As I painting this piece, I was absorbed in the thought of all of the types of music she played. Each colorful stroke with the palette knife contains this emotion and beautiful shared memories.

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