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Inspired by a beautiful sculpture that I saw on a European vacation, I finally took time to express delight in its spirit. How many times have you gone on a trip and fell in awe with an unusual art piece that was in public view to delight each passerby? With this...

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Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms is our family code word. It means:  STOP COMPLAINING and LETS HAVE FUN TOGETHER. This became our "go to" phrase during a vacation where occasional hiccups happened. There were typical long lines, exhibits that were closed for renovation or plans that...

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Wearable Art

There's new art to see, come along with me . . . I took some time off as an artist. For about 6 months, I worked on my other projects and thought carefully about what direction to take my art career. After several years of spending my Summer at art festivals, I took a...

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Summer Sky

A fresh painting from the easel. I began this when I was inspired by a set of summer lights that I purchased to hang on a tree over the patio in the backyard. These vintage styled lights are bright and add a festive feeling to everyday. It is a way to make a Summer...

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A Fresh Look

In the process of creating a new painting, I often stop working to walk across the room from the piece to get a new perspective of how it looks. This is a typical artistic method that I find essential in painting a successful piece. For the past few months, I took a...

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Studio A Creative Mess

I realized today that I paint and create art like I cook. I have been told that I am a messy cook. Likewise, my studio can be in a state of  disarray when I am in the middle of making art. Today, as I enter my work space, I see the perfect storm, my creative...

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