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A Natural Connection

Teaching has always been a natural way for me help other creative people learn how to improve their artistic adventures. From park programs for all ages to advance art center workshops I’ve always enjoyed teaching. In drawing or painting there are so many obstacles that can slow the growth of an artist. Because I’ve been there and continue to learn by taking advance classes myself, I feel I can solve or fix just about anyone’s art challenge.

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Art 4 You


Currently, I’ve transitioned to teaching on Zoom. My acrylic painting classes are sponsored by the Friends of the Indiana Dunes National Park and the Art Barn School, Valparaiso, Indiana.

Classes are free and art supplies are also available at no charge to pick up at the Dunes National Park Visitors Center.

Winter Window Scene

December 11, 2021 (via Zoom)


We will create an intimate wooded snow scene through a frosty window.

Winter Window Scene

Indiana Dunes National Park

Friends of the Indiana Dunes National Park

Art Barn

Art 4 You

2021 Class Schedule

April 10 – Birds at the Shoreline

This lesson explores bird shapes, specifically seagulls with a little personality on the beach. You will learn about the shapes and shading of birds, sand and a little water to make your picture complete.

Birds at the Shoreline

July 10 – Butterflies on a Floral Grassland

Enjoy creating an outdoor floral, complete with a few butterflies that are enjoying the flowers.

Butterflies on a Floral Grassland

October 9 – Fall Fireflies

This is a playful nocturnal study. The lights emitted by fireflies will create a fun glow.

Fall Fireflies

June 12 – Waves, Water & Sun

Paint a lively seascape painting using contrasting colors to create depth and motion as the waves crash into the shoreline.

The Waves

September 11- Walk in the Woods

For this lesson, we will fill the canvas with a wooded landscape. From the sky to the ground cover, it will become a celebration of Fall colors.

Walk in the Woods

December 11 – Winter Window Scene

Learn how to create an intimate wooded snow scene through a frosty window. As the sun sets on a snowy river, this painting starts as a landscape and ends up being a still-life candle scene.

Winter Window Scene


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