As a new year began, I made a few artistic goals for 2019. This zany piece was the beginning of my immersion into the world of multimedia. For six weeks, I cast away traditional methods of painting. I started by gluing bits and pieces of printed materials. Then I stamped, stenciled, picked up a few new skills and finished by swiftly painted transparent layers. Rather than lamenting over the perfect form or mixing hues with military precision, I began to worked instinctively, trusting in my experience or intuition and simply paint from my heart.

This piece is inspired by a white egret that lived in my old neighborhood for the past several years. Rather than imitating the pristine white color, I decided to create the spirit of the bird in purple and blue. She was crafty and camera shy as running began every time I wanted to capture a closeup for an art study. In constant motion she would zigzag at a speed that kept me from focusing my zoom lens. It seemed right to show her wild side with random white feathers on top to depict her character.

After I finished this piece, I realized that it was actually a self portrait. I saw myself running off the canvas. While I am taking this artistic journey, I’m moving at a serious pace and I would love for you to come along and follow me on this journey.

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