My Story


there was a girl inspired by the colors of a sunrise on the rolling hills of a family farm. Creativity always found its way into her life even at the age of 7 she felt that she was an artist.

She pursued a degree in Fine Art and business. Upon graduating, settled in a small Midwest community.


with children to raise in a Midwest community, she took a practical approach to be an artist by combining her skills as a painter with her attraction technology to be a working graphic artist. She still creates logos and marketing materials today.

With a focus on children’s art, she worked with the local park department led her to cofound a Summer Art Camp for children, impacting hundreds of young creatives.


In her free time, she played music in a handbell choir. It was this musical connection that gave her mind-blowing experiences as she traveled to Europe. At last, she was able to actually see the art of famous European masters and enjoy her studies come to life in the cities where they were created.

Her love of music grew as she volunteered to do some marketing for a community orchestra. This led to a part-time job in administration and later as the executive director. While she enjoyed this work, it was on vacation that she could grow as an artist.

She found masterclasses that were wonderful retreats that tapped into her creativity and most importantly, cleared her head. With each class, she became more inspired to go back to her dream of being a full-time artist.


in 2015, she took the leap to work full time as an artist. She had so many ideas that in just a few months 50 paintings were created and Symphony of Color was born. With themes of musicians, musical instruments, inspirations from nature and colorful impressions of her world, this series of works “sing” with energy and life.


she enjoys creating and experimenting in paint. It’s an organic life where Lee is open to opportunities. From commissions to gallery shows to festivals, Lee enjoys it all.

In 2019, she took a class with Kellie Day to go on a journey to express her emotions through mixed media paintings. It was at this masterclass that, she began to combine her acquired skills as a graphic artist and photographer with paint and new mediums to create Fine Art pieces that are saturated in emotion. It inspired a huge release of creativity that has affected the entire way that she approaches art now.

Currently, Lee’s work can be found at solo exhibitions, art festivals, FineArtAmerica.com, ShopVida.com and collaborative events in the Midwest.


Sharing Joy

My work is expressive with color and emotion to touch the hearts of others and brighten the world.

Lee Bauman

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.
Pablo Picasso

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