My Story


there was a girl inspired by the colors of a sunrise on the rolling hills of a family farm. She pursued her vision of becoming an artist by earning a degree.

After graduation, Lee had the Fine Art major’s dream to live and work in a city loft above a gallery.


with marriage and settling in a Midwest community there where no art galleries to be found.

Taking a practical path and becoming a receptionist and a mom rather than pursuing her art for a few years was a joy, not a hardship. Creativity always found its way into her life.


Lee was fascinated by technology. Without funding for classes she became a self-taught graphic artist. Working in industrial printing and freelance marketing kept her busy for decades and educated her in practical business practices and management.

In her free time, she taught drawing and painting classes, connected with area artists and played music in a hand bell choir. It was this music connection that gave her amazing performance experiences which reconnected her with cultural arts of Europe from her studies.


Her combined work from graphic arts, community involvement and music performance had expanded her resume. She was thrilled to be hired as the Executive Director of an orchestra. At last, she could actively use all of her accumulated creative and professional skills.


it was during a difficult economic period to find consistent funding for cultural arts. The amount of hours that were required to meet financial goals for the organization meant that she needed to put aside all of her personal activities and dreams. After five years of this stressful situation, she experienced physical discomforts that manifested in chronic insomnia, frequent migraines and back pain.


and fortunately there were holidays and vacations. She enrolled in thought-provoking master classes. This activity not only tapped into her creative passion, it gave her the opportunity for mental renewal.

Realizing the positive effects of these activities, she began to create art more often.

In just a few weeks, Symphony of Color was born. This is an ongoing series of performance or rehearsal moments with musicians or musical instruments that include rich colors and expressive strokes.


there was a personal turning point

One day, at a meeting in the orchestra office, a volunteer noticed the stack of my newest works that I had just picked up from a framer.

Examining each piece, she welled up with tears. Turning to me, she scolded, “If I had a gift like yours I would be using it. Why are you wasting precious time working on anything else?”

I didn’t know what to say.

Her words were authentic and it was exactly what I was longing to hear. I believed this person who I barely knew. More importantly I began to believe in myself. I set goals and several months later, I was ready to do what I had always dreamed of doing.


Leota Bauman became an artist entrepreneur. Clearing out the stresses in her life in order to open her mind to creative collaborations has lead to expressive paintings, networking with a wide range of businesses and a realization of her artist dream.

Now she lives and works in a suburb, close to the city. It is a good place for her work to blossom.  She especially relishes her sales to collectors who live in the city. Her Fine Art graduate’s dream has become reality.

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

Sharing Joy

My work is expressive with color and emotion to touch the hearts of others and brighten the world.

Lee Bauman

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.

Pablo Picasso

Immerse yourself in nature’s symphony and let your senses burst with joy.

Tom Brown, Jr.

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