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Tom Collage - Special Orders


1. Your Favorite Things

Remembering A Special Trip
What’s your favorite vacation, party, or family event? Let me turn those memories into a work of art!
Personalizing Your Home Or Office
Can you imagine why I grin when I see that sailboat? I relive the moment in New York harbor when I took the photos.
Celebrating A Moment
Having an artist create a piece of art for your home or office will boost your spirit and show others that you value life’s special times.
How Do We Begin?
We’ll discuss a theme, size and color scheme. Then I’ll create a contract that covers cost and provides a timeline. A 50% deposit will be required before initial sketches can be created.
Sea of Songs
Black Pearl

ART 4 OThers

2. Their Favorite Things

Celebrating Someone
What’s your best friend’s hobby? Honor someone with an anniversary, retirement or birthday gift.
What An Amazing Gift!
This dark red and black cello was created as a gift from a mom to her son for his practice room. What a happy space that made for him!
Let An Artist (ME) Speak For You
Order a work of art that will show how you care.
How Do We Begin?

Contact me so I can help you order a special surprise within your budget.

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Art 4 You

What I Offer

Customized Paintings

Have you seen my work but want a different color scheme than I have in my shop to match your decor? Maybe you’ve envisioned a gift and need an artist to make it. I enjoy creating artwork that honors an occasion, revisits a favorite vacation spot, or cherishes a moment in time.

Please look over my work and see what type of painting you want me to create.

In my Shop, there are Watercolor paintings, thickly painted acrylic canvases and very layered abstract or mixed media works. What appeals to you?

Saturday Afternoon


The cost is calculated by size and estimated time. As an example: my average quote for a 16” X 20’ painting is $240 for a landscape, still life or abstract painting. 


Ordering Paintings

After our conversations I will create a contract with a timeline and a price quote. Upon receiving a signed contract and a 50% deposit, I will begin.

Initial sketches will be emailed to you for your approval. I will ask you to approve the final rendering. Full payment including postage is required prior to shipping.


Vacation Photos



Special Requests

Jacks Horn - Lee Bauman
Coburn Corners
Dancer Portrait
Emily's Saxophone



Coneflowers on Wall

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