Turning on the Heat

Turning on the Heat

I have made a departure in the past couple of weeks from my fresh summer color schemes of blues, greens and yellows. First there was a painting with a gradual introduction of orange. Then I created a work with many warm highlights. Before I knew it, I started this piece and RED simply took over the canvas to portray a new level of HOT.

It’s a spin on the sunset in the Summertime. The dark buildings in the familiar Chicago skyline have dashes of yellow lights that contrast with the waves and sky. I wanted to portray the drama of the city nightlife.

I would like to know your thoughts. It is difficult to photograph because the full depth of palette knife layers are more notable in person. If you want to see it, let me know.

Where would you hang a work like this?  Just about anywhere that you want something fresh and distinctive. While it looks great next to industrial decor or urban furnishings, it would also be a focal point for any modern decor or perhaps a business. It comes unframed with a wrapped painted canvas and it measures 36 X 12.

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