Busy summer so far for the artist in me.

Every summer I try to schedule some form of art educational experience.  I have gone to some workshops, carved out a little time sketching and took up some research in studying different watercolor techniques.

For 2012, I am taking a step back into the past and creating a new future for school children.  Monday, I will be starting my second session as the director for Art Camp, La Porte City Park Department 2 week program for preschool through 8th grade students.

It was a blast in June and the classes are almost full for July! This was a program that I co-founded sometime in the 90’s. But I haven’t taught for many years.  The great thing is that the program is alive and well.

The philosophy of Art Camp was that children get to have a new experience with a different art media each day.  They do things that they wouldn’t normally do at home or at school and no one is graded on how their project might turn out.

We begin with clay, then explore color, tie dying, drawing, hiking and gathering subject matter, learning about drawing people, still life, watercolor painting, sketching with various media, and working on a group project of epic proportions.  Altogether it is a great time in a beautiful setting next to Stone Lake in a lovely air-conditioned lodge.


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